February 28th, 2015, Ismo Mäkinen:

It gives me a great pleasure and also pride to announce that IM-prove Paper Board Ltd has just been celebrating its very first anniversary. The first year of the company has really been an adventure, much work and efforts but also exitment and first feelings of success.  One of the biggest joys has been the diversity of the first assignments, giving me a chance to use the whole spectrum of earlier skills and experiences but also possibility to continuously learn more about paper and board making processes, naturally,  but also generally about the industry and most of all about running a business company.

I wish to thank all my many mentors that have advised, supported and encouraged me in putting up of this gamble.  Also I would like to thank my network members (especially in ProBoreal Ltd), employees (well, only very short term attachments so far) and other partners that make it possible for Improve Paper to offer such variety of paper making know-how services.

But most of all I would like to thank the Customers: those that already have utilized my services, those that have not (yet?) but patiently have listened my marketing efforts, and also those that so far are not more than interested  (for example perhaps you that have used your time to read this far). I hope we can build and keep on a good co-operation in benefit of the whole industry and us all !